Giskaard Consultancy specialises in IT services and providing custom-made products for small to medium size businesses, helping them to make the right decisions.

We started trading in 2001 in the Slovak Republic, part of the former Czechoslovakia.

Since then we have worked with clients from across the world, including the UK, Germany, Russia and Spain. Over the years we have been involved in the production of several high-profile projects for a range of companies; a Ministry of Defence (MoD) contractor, a small bank and companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Our operation in the UK started in 2003 and it has become our biggest client base with past projects including GSM text messaging, automatic and scalable telephone number testing, asymmetric encryption for file sharing and storage systems, car management and trading, e-Learning, recruitment and job seeker software and remote encrypted backups for limited storage capacity.

From 2005 to 2007 we worked closely with Perfect Pitch, an excellent graphic design company, on town portal projects such as the Chepstow town website.

In 2007 we moved to Cardiff to seek new opportunities and to become more accessible for a wider audience.

Latest News

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Our mail servers filter 99% of spam. If you need that extra 1%, we can help.

All business hosted customers had website statistics URL relocated to their site administration interface.
10/05/09 on Sunday at 4.25AM we had 30 minute un-scheduled power outage affecting our 100% power uptime SLA.