Some of you using wholesale broadband suppliers (ISP, such as BT and VirginMedia) started receiving their own emails that were marked as spam.
Please beware of "internet keyword" and domain scam emails from Asia.
Microsoft IIS allows for local file inclusion of any filetype due a bug in the way its filters handle semicolons.
Lots of our customer problems are due to their broadband supplier. Your internet experience is only as good as your internet access.

100,000 websites destroyed.

Then find another ISP when you can. BT reliability hits the new low.

Our mail servers filter 99% of spam. If you need that extra 1%, we can help.

All business hosted customers had website statistics URL relocated to their site administration interface.
10/05/09 on Sunday at 4.25AM we had 30 minute un-scheduled power outage affecting our 100% power uptime SLA.
Free push service launched by EMOZE.