Internet and LAN Servers - Setup, Installation and Security

In an information age no one can stay competitive without effective use of information technology. We can help you to achieve your goals by providing you with the world class information infractructure for your company that you can depend on.

Our systems are based on proven open-source operating systems that offer superiour stability, scalability and security. The cutting edge  technologies we implement are future proof and offer the best value even in the current economic circumstances.

The following server products we offer cover all needs for most SME business.

  • Standalone Servers
    Intended for non-critical applications.


    In case of system outage, faulty component has to be replaced. It is sometimes quicker to rebuild and replace the whole server than just a faulty component. It can take up to 24 hours to restore the service.

  • Standby (backup) Servers
    Mission critical, but few hours of downtime isn't a major issue.


    Standby effectively backs up the main server on regular basis. In case of major outage, backup server can be switched to become the main server. Human intervention is still necessary.

  • High - Availability Server Clusters
    Combining virtual servers with high-availability clustering. We recommend this for mission critical services, where system recovery downtime is not an option.


    Servers that form a cluster are actively monitoring each other. If one become non-responsive, all virtual servers with all its services are automatically, without any human intervention started from the next available  server within the cluster. System recovery takes just minutes.


You may also be interested in considering the following complimentary service to make sure that your existing infrastructure are working for you rather than the other way around.

Security and System Assessments



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