Web and Internet

One of the main areas of our business is development of high quality interactive internet applications. We believe the main reason for the web's breath taking growth is its availability and platform independence. In other words, you can now access the web from your PDA, mobile phone, netbook,  desktop, TV or set-top box, PS3, XBOX or even a fridge!

We deliver our solutions by implementing the strongest ideas of your business onto the most up-to-date technological canvas. We see the internet as an opportunity for your business success and we can provide you with all the tools, help and guidance.

Over the years we have been involved in numerous high profile projects ranging from small business websites to e-commerce and e-Learning.

Our main areas of web development include the following.

  • Business website development
    You understand your business and your market, we understand the ways to put your message across on Internet medium. We know what works best.

  • Multi-page web forms
    Web-form development is an important tool for companies that need to save time and speed up  the time it takes to convert a lead to an actual deal, all achieved by bypassing the traditional (physical) mail.

  • Website promotions (SEO - Search Engine Optimisations) and Usability
    There is no point having a website when no one can find it or it is too cumbersome to use. We provide advice and run your campaigns.

  • Custom built software
    Need something special? We can build it to your exact specification!

    Over the years we developed and implemented a wide range of web-based software:
    - CMS (content management system), web filesharing with asymetric encryption storage, car trading, e-Learning, e-commerce, etc.