IT management, Consultancy and On/Off-Site Support

IT management

Operational management lies at the heart of both manufacturing goods and producing services. The techniques used and the relationships between the various elements in any chain of production must clearly be understood to allow managers to appropriately assess the impacts of any change, including technological, on operations and your business strategy.

We will improve your understanding of relationship between your systems and your business processes.

We will help you understand and realise better operations management, operations' strategy, total quality  management  and enterprise resource planning (ERP).


Before venturing into the unknown the value and quality of advice directly influences the level of your success. Over the years we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience on various hardware and software infrastructures, we have a proven track record and are confident that by working in partnership our informed, unbiased advice will enhance your level of success.

We will improve your systems and will save you your hard earned money. That is our promise.


Regardless of the technological progress, human support is irreplaceable. Our ability to anticipate and empathise with any businesses' issues are the keys to solving them. Although all our products come with support as standard some of our clients insist on preferential service.

We offer the following IT support service agreement covering four distinct areas:

  • Office Servers
  • Internet Servers
  • Office Workstations
  • Business Internet Services (websites, email)

We employ various methods for conducting our support:

  • Remote Administration
    - we solve issues by connecting to your office network remotely
  • Emergency Telephone Support
    - when the issue is too difficult or urgent to solve over the email
  • System Monitoring
    - we can monitor your system services and sort out a problem before you notice

The support costs are negotiable depending on the level of attention required.